Madison & Gayle Parker

  Peace Falls Junction is an imaginary railroad town located somewhere in the Northwest between the late 1800s and early 1900s. The town sees its share of diversified railroad companies and rolling stock as they pass through to somewhere else.

The main business in the local area is logging, so you will frequently see logging trains passing through.

In addition to commerce is the whimsical side of PFJ with castles and knights imported to PFJ by a railroad baron to help attract tourists and boost the local economy.

A cog railroad has been newly constructed to help the tourists up and down the steep mountain. Itís an imported cog engine with a passenger car which is greatly appreciated.

After several years of no changes to Peace Falls Junction, growth has started in a new development area of the village. Seven new houses have sprouted, creating a need for infrastructure expansion which also means expansion in the railroad's dual reverse loop.


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