The Rock River Pass Railroad consists of about 650 feet of track in seven loops with a siding and an Eggliner back and forth line.

Digitrax DCC powers the two main loops, each main loop is 175 feet long, and the small loops are DC.

The area between the Rock Garden and the patio area narrows to about four feet, hence the Pass. The primary theme of the Rock River Pass RR is the Circus. The town of Rock River is at the East end of the layout. The Circus is located inside a loop just west of the town.

The buildings in the town are made from Jig Stone molded concrete blocks. We have added buildings made from the Stoneworks style form building. I have developed a new construction method for building that can be left out all year long without weather related issues.

A farm with scratch-built farmhouse with a Jig Stone fireplace and a barn made of cedar decking cut to size. Several bird house buildings.

Just like in the movies, several big fish in the Rock River. Plus an area of Southwest-influenced buildings. New this year are two adobe style cement building modeled after the Piko buildings.

We use a Dallee Trolley stop circuit for our Town loop. It stops for a few seconds at the front of the loop.

I installed DCC bitswitch loop controls on each main loop to allow two trains to run on each loop without running into each other. If the trailing train gets too close to the train in front, it will stop until there is a safe clearance and then start back up automatically.

We have a loop, about 65 feet, of hand laid G-scale track which has been re-purposed into standard gauge. Running on this loop is a 1930's pre-war American Flyer or Lionel standard gauge train. You have to see this to believe it! A picture was in the June issue of Garden Railways Magazine.


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