Dennis Cipcich & Sandra Martens

  The BSRR is controlled by a wireless, digital Massoth Dimax control station and seven booster zones powered by seven 13-amp power supplies. The totally integrated 1800+ foot, free-formed railroad features 100% nickel-silver track in the outside layout, 450 feet of mixed brass and nickel-silver track in the indoor yard area, 50 turnouts and is capable of running 13+ engineer-controlled trains simultaneously.

There are two automated and/or engineered controlled sections within the layout that are programmed for automatic running through the Dimax system. This layout showcases multiple water features including a 3300-gallon Koi pond.

The BSRR has operated continuously since 2006. There have been multiple additions and improvements made over the years. The layout has been viewed on U-tube over two million times as of 3/30/20 and was also featured on the LGB Club A Year with LGB 2016-1 DVD.

Guest operators are more than welcome to operate trains using the Massoth system.


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