Volume 22, Number 11 November, 2019 

Thank you to the De Foes for their presentaion on the Portland Garden Railway Convention. As they were talking about the Freedom Train, it sparked my memory of the Texas Freedom Train. How many of you know that there was a Texas Freedom Train?

When the idea of a freedom train was discussed, the Texans decided to do their own restoration of the Texas and Pacific 610. The 610 was one of the largest steam engines made for the Texas and Pacific Railroad and was restored specifically to pull the Freedom Train through Texas. It was a 2-10-4 engine. Texas & Pacific #610 was one of several the railroad owned. It operated until the early 1950's when it was retired and likely would never have been used again had it not been for the American Freedom Train during the mid 1970's. Here, the locomotive was restored for the special Bi-Centennial train and later went on to pull excursions along the Southern until it's second retirement 1980's. Today, it is on display at the Texas State Railroad.

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Keep em' running, Madison
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A CAGRS member, Len Berghaus, has acquired a substantial collection of S-scale (American Flyer) railroad items over the years.

He needs to sell his large collection, as he in down-scaling his home. He has many "steam" and "diesel" locomotives, as well as many pieces of rolling stock, transformers, turnouts, accessories, and track. These items have been well maintained over the years.

Please call him if you or (anyone you know) may be interested. His cell number is: 708.288.8820.


1. This is your copy of the Seniors' Discount List that Joe Lienau presented at a recent meeting. Don't forget that you will need to ask for the discount. Don't assume that you will automatically get it.

2. A PDF file of pictures of some of the CAGRS members attending the Sanfilippo Residence tour.