Volume 22, Number 04 April, 2019 

"The close relationship between railroad expansion and the general development of the prosperity of the country is nowhere brought more distinctly into relief than in connection with the construction of the Pacific railroads.

Yet, in 1850 nearly all the railroads in the United States lay east of the Mississippi River, and all of them, even when they were physically mere extensions of one another, were separately owned and separately managed."

John Moody - American Financial Analyst

As we get closer to the anniversary of the famous event about which John Moody mused (can you guess?) the more the anticipation grows about how we will recognize and salute all those who a part of the connection were.

I'm looking forward to the next meeting when we get to express in unique ways how we relate to the event. Over the decades of "moving" pictures, the history of trains has been documented much to the entertainment of all - from drama to comedy and everything between. One of my favorite films is "Blazing Saddles". It's a bit outrageous (Okay, okay, it's out right cheeky!).

Bring your gear and trappings that will identify how you relate to the occasion. Our feature presentation will be a little more refined, but equally entertaining. See you then.

Keep 'em running,
Madison Parker


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Please note that the Pot Luck Dinner will be held April 27th at the Vernon Township Community Service Building located at 2900 N. Main Street, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

The CAGRS newsletter listed the name mistakenly as "Vernon Hills Township Community Center". The street address is listed correctly in the newsletter.



1. This is your copy of the Seniors' Discount List that Joe Lienau presented at a recent meeting. Don't forget that you will need to ask for the discount. Don't assume that you will automatically get it.

2. A PDF file of pictures of some of the CAGRS members attending the Sanfilippo Residence tour.