Volume 22, Number 06 June, 2019 

I have been branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities, and even from the great engineer, the late James Watt, who said ... that I deserved hanging for bringing into use the high-pressure engine. This has so far been my reward from the public; but should this be all, I shall be satisfied by the great secret pleasure and laudable pride that I feel in my own breast from having been the instrument of bringing forward new principles and new arrangements of boundless value to my country, and however much I may be straightened in pecuniary circumstances, the great honor of being a useful subject can never be taken from me, which far exceeds riches.

— Richard Trevithick - British inventor and mining engineer – 1771-1833

It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of newspaper comics, specifically the Chicago Tribune. One of the comics that I follow regularly is “For Better or for Worse” that follows life on the bright side of a family with three children who are still in school, a mother who is a volunteer, and a father who is a dentist.

As the current story line unfolds, the father is a little down in the dumps due to boredom with his lack of something to do in his spare time. As a result, he is considering an old hobby in which he used to participate – model railroading.

The panels on a recent issue find our “hero” in a hobby store filled with model trains. The owner (I’m assuming here) greets him and inquires, “May I help you, sir?

He responds, “I don’t know. . . I’ve been thinking about starting up a little hobby and I’m sort of interested in electric trains.”

The owner responds, “TRAINS?!! My dear chap, electric trains are not a hobby!”

Our man inquires, “They’re not?”

The owner continues, “They’re a way of life.!!!”

We already knew that.

The family is a daily entry in the Trib. I don’t know how long this story line will remain but check it out.


----- This is your monthly reminder for the CAGRS meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, at 5:30 PM. If you plan to attend the dinner and meeting at the Holiday Inn in Itasca, please RSVP to Madison Parker at no later than Tuesday, June 18th, 2019. This enables us to provide the restaurant with an accurate count for dinner so we have the right amount of food. Your continued cooperation is vital to keeping expenses down and is appreciated.

Make your reservation NOW while you are thinking about it. The fee is $21 per person. The presenter for this meeting will be Miss Manners (A.K.A. Gayle Althardt) on the subject "Holding an Open House - How's and Whereto's"

Keep ‘em running,
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1. This is your copy of the Seniors' Discount List that Joe Lienau presented at a recent meeting. Don't forget that you will need to ask for the discount. Don't assume that you will automatically get it.

2. A PDF file of pictures of some of the CAGRS members attending the Sanfilippo Residence tour.