Volume 24, Number 10 October, 2021 

We had hoped that the summer would last longer but it is not to be. The days have gotten so much shorter in that Ron has had to adjust our outdoor tree lights so that they will come on earlier. I’m sure he’ll have to do it a few more times before we change our clocks in November. Leaves are starting to fall so he’s cleaning pond filters several times a week now.

During the summer months I don’t see much of Ron since he’s working on the railroad and running trains. Seems like I see less of him in the Fall as he’s busy reorganizing the train sheds, inspecting each train car for damage, and cleaning each one before putting them away for the winter. The cars are stored in the long train depot and all of the engines go to the basement for eventual oiling and maintenance.

The big Roundhouse is secured with a tarp over metal framework & plywood that John Rockey designed and built specifically as protection for the Roundhouse.

The large “Grand Canyon Station” also built by John will spend the winter in the garage to ensure its safety from the elements.

All of our buildings are inspected, repaired, if necessary, and moved to either the train depot or the big shed for winter storage. This also includes the Fairy Castle and resin buildings from the fairy garden.

Another sign that our season is about over is that we have already scheduled Kane Brothers to come out and shut down the ponds for winter. They will blow out the pipes and cap off the water outlets. Ron will pull the summer pumps and replace them with winter ones that will circulate the water for the Koi all winter. When the water temperature drops below 50 degrees, we stop feeding the fish. Instinctively, they go deep in the ponds and into “torpor” (a type of hibernation) until Spring when the water gets above 50 degrees, and we start to feed them again. We are always amazed that our fish have survived winter over the years!

The flowers are looking pretty droopy and spindly too. I know it’s a natural progression, but it’s really depressing for us since we truly love summer and the G & R Railroad!

It seemed as though Ron spent so much time getting the garden and railroad ready for the open houses, and now it’s almost over. If it weren’t for all of the help of John Rockey, who sacrificed his railroad this year to help Ron, I don’t know if we would have been able to get everything finished in time.

We were so blessed to have lots of good help getting the railroad running and helping during all of the open houses. Once again, we want to thank all of those who helped us.

Our October program will be a presentation by Ron Messner about CAGRS History.

Keep the Flowers Growing and the Trains Going.